03 février 2016

From the pulps into paperbacks

Roy G. James 

From the pulps into paperbacks
A reference document

Gryphon Publications
Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.
100 pages, 1994
ISBN : 0-936071-39-7


Part 1 : Heroes in series
     The Avenger
     Buck Rogers
     Captain Future
     Conan the Barbarian
     Other R.E.H. heroes
     H.P. Lovecraft's horror
     Doc Savage
     Dr. Death
     Dusty Ayres
     Flash Casey
     Flash Gordon
     G-8 and his Battle Aces
     The Golden Amazon
     Jan of the jungle & O.A. Kline
     Jules de Grandin
     Operator 5
     The Phantom Detective
     Professor Jameson
     Race Williams
     Secret agent X
     The Shadow
     The Spider
     Tarzan of the Apes
     Other E.R.B. heroes

Part 2 : Selected pulp-related Pb's

Part 3 : The "Best of" series


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