07 juin 2016

Fandom Harvest

Terry Carr

Fandom Harvest

Laissez Faire Produktion AB
Solna, Sweden
192 pages, 1986
ISBN : 91-7648-056-9

(illustrations by Grant Canfield)

     by Robert Silverberg

Inn a mist
The fan who hated quotecards
Trufan's blood
Forever and fandom
Another Pygmalion
Perchance to dream
Fandom Harvest
The Hieronymus fan
The fastest ham in the west
Basic research is not dead
Buddha with a light bulb
Confessions of a literary midwife
Jeff Wanshel called me on the phone the other night
Census of wonder
Jack Gaughan : the pro
The fannish i
The infinite Beanie
Instant Karma
You've come a long way, Baby

Unsolicited afterword
     by John-Henri Holmberg
Illustrator's credits

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