11 septembre 2016

The paperback fanatic 33

The paperback fanatic
issue 33

Justin Marriott
196 pages, august 2015

Fanatical thoughts
     by Justin Marriott
Fanatical mails
     (letters to the editor)
Astonishing histories (Ballantine Books)
     by Scott Carlson
Carter Brown : the australian series
     by Graeme Flanagan & James Doig
Wood works (Ed Wood)
     by Lynn Munroe & Justin Marriott
Ed Wood's sex tales
     by Lynn Munroe
Hollywood rat race
     by Lynn Munroe
Windy City Pulp Convention
     by Tom Tesarek
Fantastic symphonies
     by Nigel Taylor
Antho Hitchcock
     by Justin Marriott
An australian anthology of SF/Horror pulp
     by James Doig
An invitation to the hunt
     by Justin Marriott & Vault of Evil forum
A brief history of Corgi Books
     by Justin Marriott
Visual guide to Corgi Books
     by Justin Marriott

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