06 janvier 2013

Readings in African Popular Fiction

Stephanie Newell (edited by)
Readings in African Popular Fiction
206 pages

James Currey
Oxford, U.K., 2002
ISBN : 0-85255-564-4
Indiana University Press
Bloomington & Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A., 2002
ISBN : 0-253-21510-2

Notes on contributors
Stephanie Newell : "Introduction"

1. Perspectives on west african popular fiction

Graham Furniss : "Hausa creative writing in the 1930s : An exploration in postcolonial theory"
Brian Larkin : "Indian films & nigerian lovers : media & the creation of parallel modernities"
Primary text 1 : Excerpts from Alhaki Kwikwiyo by Balaraba Ramat Yakubu, translated from Hausa by William Burgess
Donatus Nwoga : "Onitsha market literature"
Don Dodson : "The role of the publisher in Onitsha market literature"
Primary text 2 : Reproduction of J.C. Anorue : How to become rich & avoid poverty
Misty Bastian : "Irregular visitors : Narratives about Ogbaanje (Spirit Children) in southern nigerian popular writing
Alain Ricard : "Félix Couchoro : Pioneer of popular writing in West Africa ?"
Richard Bjornson : "Writing & popular culture in Cameroon"
Ime Ikiddeh : "The character of popular fiction in Ghana"

2. Perspectives on east african popular fiction

Raoul Granqvist : "Storylines, spellbinders & heartbeats : Decentring the african oral-popular discourse"
Bernth Lindfors : "Romances for the office worker : Aubrey Kalitera & Malawi's white-collar reading public"
Bodil Folke Frederiksen : "Joe, the sweetest reading in Africa : Documentation & discussion of a popular magazine in Kenya"
Primary text 3 : Facsimiles of cartoons, stories & covers from Joe magazine
Nici Nelson : "Representations of men & women, city & town in kenyan novels of the 1970s & 1980s"
Primary text 4 : Excerpts from Son of woman by Charles Mangua
J. Roger Kurtz & Robert M. Kurtz : "Language & ideology in postcolonial kenyan literature : The case of David Maillu's macaronic fiction"
Primary text 5 : Excerpts from Dar es Salaam Usiku (Dar es Salaam by night) by Ben R. Mtobwa, translated from Swahili & with a short introduction by Felicitas Becker

3. Perspectives on southern african popular fiction

Njabulo Ndebele : "Rediscovery of the ordinary"
Michael Chapman : "African popular fiction : Consideration of a category"
Paul Gready : "The Sophiatown writers of the fifties : The unreal reality of their world"
Dorothy Driver : "Drum magazine (1951-9) & the spatial configurations of gender"
Primary text 6 : Facsimiles of front covers, articles, letters & advertisements from Drum magazine, 1952-5
Roger Field : "La Guma's Little Libby : The adventures of liberation chabalala"
Primary text 7 : Facsimiles of Little Libby comic strips by Alex La Guma
Sarah Nuttal : "Reading lives"
Lindy Stiebel : "Black 'Tecs : Popular thrillers by south african black writers in the nineties"
Primary text 8 : Excerpt from The secret in my bosom by Gomolemo Mokae


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