10 août 2016

Men of Violence 4

Men of Violence
issue 4

Justin Marriott
32 pages, july 2016

Welcome to the fourth issue of Men of Violence
Fire in the streets (The Revenger series by Jon Messmann)
     by Justin Marriott
Screw the hateful 8 (The Devil's Dozen by Martin Cruz Smith as Nick Carter)
     by Justin Marriott
The dirty half-dozen : a look at The Destroyers, a world war II adventure series from Charles 
     by Justin Marriott
Hit-Man : Holloway House, inventor of the "Black Experience" paperback, published four
novels in the Radcliff series
     by Justin Marriott
Return of the Mutha-Truckers : Overload
     by Justin Marriott
The Stewart Dossier (interview with Linda Stewart)
     by Justin Marriott

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