27 août 2016

The paperback fanatic 31

The paperback fanatic
issue 31

Justin Marriott
100 pages, march 2015

Fanatical thoughts
     by Justin Marriott
Fanatical mails
     (letters to the editor)
Artists assemble 3
     by Tom Tesarek
Dr Newton and Mr Howitt (John Newton Howitt)
     by Justin Marriott
The shocking history of Ballantine non-fiction
     by Tom Tesarek
The misfits
     by Justin Marriott
Chamber of horrors (Ballantine)
     by Justin Marriott
Paperbacks from the Black Lagoon (Movie tie-ins)
     by Justin Marriott
Fit to be tied; London's burning
     by Graham Andrews
Harryhausen novelised (Ray Harryhausen)
     by Nigel Taylor
Publications you need !

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