09 novembre 2016

Trash, Censorship, and National Identity in early Twentieth-Century Germany

Kara L. Ritzheimer

"Trash", Censorship and National Identity
in early Twentieth-Century Germany

Cambridge University Press
New York, U.S.A.
318 pages, 2016
ISBN : 978-1-107-13204-7


Introduction : Censorship in the Rechtsstaat, Censorship in the Sozialstaat
1. Buffalo Bill in Germany : Regional encounters with commercial culture before WWI
2. Federalism and censorship  : Regulating commercial fiction and movies in imperial
3. Censorship in the Rechtsstaat : Anti-"trash" rhetoric and National Identity in imperial
4. Censorship and "trash" in wartime Germany
5. Censorship in the Sozialstaat : Weimar's film and publications laws
6. Censorship, morality, and National Identity in Weimar Germany
Epilogue : Schund und Schmutz in the Third Reich and the Federal Republic of Germany


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