16 janvier 2017

Complete index to the John Spencer Fantasy publications (1950-1966)

Michael Ashley

A complete index and annotated
commentary to the John Spencer
Fantasy publications (1950-1966)

Fantasy Readers Guide n° 1
Cosmos Literary Agency
Wallsend, U.K.
54 pages, 1979

Editorial : Behind closed doors
The Spencer publications
Checklist of publications
Issue index
     Futuristic Science Stories
     Tales of tomorrow
     Wonders of the spaceways
     Worlds of Fantasy
     Out of this world
     Supernatural Stories
The science fiction series
Notes on Series
Author index
Fanthorpe and Glasby : Brief biographies
"There's no tomorrow" (short story)
     by E.C. Tubb writing as Charles Gray
"Chronolei" (short story)
     by John Glasby writing as Max Chartair
     by Philip Harbottle

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