17 janvier 2017

The file on Ramsey Campbell

Michael Ashley (compiled by)

The file on Ramsey Campbell

Fantasy Readers Guide n° 2
Cosmos Literary Agency
Wallsend, U.K.
62 pages, 1980

Unshackled from shadow
     by Mike Ashley
As far as I can recall...
     by Ramsey Campbell
Where it all began
     by George MacDonald
Before the storm (short fiction)
     by Ramsey Campbell
Ramsey Campbell : an appreciation
     by T.E.D. Klein
Ramsey Campbell : premier stylist
     by Jack Sullivan
Ramsey Campbell : an editor's dream
     by Hugh Lamb
The gap (short fiction)
     by Ramsay Campbell
The file on Ramsey Campbell
     by Mike Ashley
          Biography at a glance
          A. Fiction in order of writing
          B. Fiction in order of publication
          C1. Full bibliography of all short fiction
          C2. Full bibliography of all books
          C3. Full bibliography of all non-fiction
The las word - or rather, the right ones
     by Ramsey Campbell
     (letters to the editor)

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