14 janvier 2017

The complete catalogue of British Comics

Denis Gifford

The complete catalogue of British Comics
including price guide

Webb & Bower
Exeter, England, U.K.
224 pages, 1985
ISBN : 0-86350-079-X

Part one

Introduction and history
     What is a comic ?
     The first comics
     Adult comics
     The comic boom
     Children's comics
     Comic strips
     Comic heroes
     Comic artists
     Coloured comics
     Comic specials
     Comic supplements
     Giveaway comics
     The Golden Age : the thirties
     The Dark Age : the forties
     Comicbooks : American and British
     The Silver Age : the fifties
     Library comics
     The Television Age : the sixties
     Reprint comics
     Underground comics
     Current comics
     Errors and omissions
Collecting comics
     First editions
     Special editions
     Runs and bound volumes
     Specialized collections
     Collecting comicbooks
     Comic curiosities
     Comic supplements
     Comic spin-offs
     Rare comics
     Buying and selling old comics
     Condition of comics
     Caring for your collection

Part 2

Illustrations (96 pages)

Part 3

How to use the catalogue
The catalogue (107 pages)
Reference books for the collector
Books of interest to the collector
Magazines for the collector
The Association of Comic Enthusiasts

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